?What are the reasons for the lever valve to tighten

دلایل سفت شدن شیر اهرمی

The reasons for tightening the lever valve are explained in this article:There are three models of lever valves:Single handle lever valves with hub core, ceramic lever valves and cartridge lever valves.The lever valves are installed in two ways: standing in the sink and wall in the bathroom and toilet.In general, what are the reasons for tightening the lever valve:Drying of the brain and washersBrain massWasher wearBrain failureSometimes it is difficult to raise, lower or rotate the lever valve handle. This problem is often caused by the accumulation of minerals in different parts of the valves or the presence of a damaged seal inside the cartridge. Separating the faucet parts and cleaning each part with white vinegar may solve the problem. However, if the cartridge is damaged, replace it. If the cartridge is still intact and .the parts are free of minerals, the use of silicone lubricant on the cartridge will most likely solve the problem.Due to the above, it is better to choose lever valves with a resistant core for use in the building to increase their service life in the building.Other factors that cause washer damage and brain mass and eventually lever valve stiffness include high water temperatures, constant use of the faucet and water hardness.If you are planning to buy a new faucet for your home, be sure to read the faucet buying guide article

Valve Buying Guide

Comprehensive tips for buying valves:

1- Installation place:

The first and most important topic in the article is the guide to the valves where it is used. What kind of property is it? Residential, office, commercial, medical center, etc., which according to the amount of use should be purchased. The next issue is the quality level and financial strength of the buyer. A luxury building in the best geographical point of the city is different from another simple property in a poor area.

2- Purchase history:

Buyer or has already used a particular brand.

According to the satisfaction of the product in the next selection, he also buys from the same brand (loyal customer).

3- Research and obtain information in the valve buying guide:

If the product is to be purchased for the first time. Usually the buyer seeks information from the sellers or those around him and does not expose himself to trial and error.

4- Comparison of brands (quality and price):

When buying, one of the most important options for choosing the quality of a product is its price. In these cases, the buyer buys the product by referring to reputable sales centers and online, such as the island’s website, to compare existing brands and prices.

5- Home decoration style: a

If the purpose of using valves is a residential house, depending on the type of decoration and color of the space (kitchen, bathroom and toilet). There are various options in front of the buyer that brands with a variety of colors and designs are preferred. The photos below are an example of beautiful and quality island taps for different spaces of your home.

راهنمای خرید شیرآلات

راهنمای خرید شیرآلات

راهنمای خرید شیرآلات
راهنمای خرید شیرآلات

6- Consumable parts:

Optimal quality of parts, especially perlators (reducing water consumption) and cartridges (special parts for opening and closing lever valves), which are important and consumable parts in construction valves, guarantee more durability of the product, which will lead to customer satisfaction.

7- Installation and after-sales service:

In the stage of equipping each property (with any type of use), the brand is more successful in providing more and better services to the customer. Installation of valves and after-sales service (commitment to warranty and timely service when necessary) is of particular importance in the selection of each product that the island valves with a 7-year warranty, try to provide the best service to dear customers . With the help of the valves buying guide items, you can have the best choice. Also, to maintain and maintain them, read the valve maintenance article.

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