Valve production history

In ancient times, to decorate the palace of kings, water features with a full statue of a lion or a statue of its head were used. The first valves that were imported to Iran or made in Iran were also decorated with lion heads. Over time, this decorative part was removed or became obsolete, but the word “lion” remained from generation to generation.

تاریخچه تولید شیرآلات

In ancient times, different materials such as wood were used to make valves. Later, faucets were made of brass. Until 1937, two separate faucets were used for hot and cold water, until a student named Almoen from Seattle, Washington, suffered a hand burn and the idea of making classic faucets formed in his mind.

تاریخچه تولید شیرآلات

Production of valves in Iran

In Iran until 1340, no names and addresses of valve manufacturers were observed and all types of valves were imported to Iran through Russia and Europe and a certain social class could buy it. In 1342, the first valve production factory in Iran (bronze industrial factory) was established by the late engineer Afrashteh, who was an importer of valves at that time.

The history of producing sanitary valves in the country’s industry dates back to the 1930s. Around the 1970s, the industry underwent a huge transformation due to the import of similar foreign goods, and despite the competitive market, the movement towards diverse and high-quality products as well as modern technology was formed.

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