Reasons for leaking valves

دلایل چکه کردن شیرآلات

In this article, we examine the reasons for leaking valves in two main types of valves, namely classic (screw-valve) and lever valves.
Drainage of screw taps:

The fastest way to remove water drips in this type of valve is to check the washer first and if it breaks down, replace it with a new washer. Also, if the milk brain is completely damaged or wasted, you must replace it.

Water leak removal in lever valves:

Leaky water is always the most common problem in lever valve repair. Leak valve water leakage is unavoidable if the cartridge or O-ring (O ring) is damaged. The O-ring is a piece of rubber that is mounted on a cartridge. To replace both parts, you must first remove the handle. Replacing cracked gaskets may eliminate the cause of leaking valves. But if the cartridge is cracked or worn out, replacing the new cartridge is the only way.

دلایل چکه کردن شیرآلات

Perhaps the most difficult task is to detect leaks under the sink and faucets. Because many people do not even look under the sink at all. Because the drips penetrate the floor, they can cause a lot of damage.

Reasons for water dripping under the sink can be loose water connections or loose sewer pipe or elbow connected to the sink.

If you do not tighten one of the nuts well (or both nuts), you will face the issue of leakage and dripping water from the connection of the valve to the pipeline. In this case, leakage usually occurs from the inlet part of the pipe, ie where it touches the wall, and by tracking it, you can find out the cause of the leak and dripping water.

If you tighten the nuts and make sure the gasket is working properly, the leak should stop. But if you notice that there is still a leak from the same part, it is possible that the o-ring between the left gear and the trunk has reached the end of its useful life or has a problem for any reason.

Addressing the causes of leaking valves is very important and can play an important role in saving water consumption.

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