Proper maintenance of valves

نگه داری از شیرآلات

Importance of proper maintenance of valves:

As you know, today the purchase of construction valves (with any type of use) will have significant costs for the consumer, so the issue of maintenance of valves is very important, and how much better to know how to maintain it after installing products:

Warranty card information:

The basic principles of valve maintenance are usually listed on the warranty cards inside the box. Failure to do so and negligence will result in the cancellation of warranty obligations.

نگه داری مناسب از شیرآلات

Installations and installation expert tips on proper maintenance of valves:
Usually some valve cleaning cases will be announced to you based on the installation experience. These days, due to the development of social networks, it is easy to take advantage of consumer experiences and ways of cleaning with non-chemical or so-called household substances. Wipe all the milk with a soft cloth and diluted vinegar. Make sure it is dry so that no stains remain on it. Very strong detergents are not suitable for proper maintenance of valves and can damage your valves. Of course, island valves with special plating are resistant to any detergents. Also make sure that the milk cartridge is healthy, because a damaged cartridge means wasting water.

In addition to the above, for proper maintenance of valves, they also optimize healthy and standard water consumption. You no longer have to worry about wasting water. With a few small tips, you can easily maintain your home faucets. Some home faucets use more water due to their special use. Therefore, you should be more careful about water consumption. Choose taps that are environmentally friendly. Keep your cartridge, brain, and washer safe so water is not wasted.

Another point is that, even if you know how to install and repair valves, it is better to leave the repair and opening of your home valves to a technician. Lever valves, although more durable and easier to use, must be repaired by a specialist.

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