Optimization and saving of water consumption

بهینه سازی و صرفه جویی در مصرف آب

In this article, we discuss the importance of optimizing and saving water consumption:

Water is considered as an important factor in the survival of the environment and a pillar of sustainable development in the world. Iran is located in a region of the world where, due to climatic and environmental conditions, its water resources are declining day by day and the supply of water for industry, agriculture and even drinking water has faced many problems. Simultaneously with these problems, the increase in population has led to an increase in water consumption.

One way out of this problem is to control and optimize water consumption. In addition to culture, this requires the use of new technologies and innovations. Optimizing and reducing water consumption will improve living standards and reduce costs.

One of the places where attention should be paid to controlling and optimizing water consumption is industry. The use of water is common in all industries and without the presence of this vital substance, industrial activities will be impossible.

The increase in the price of water used in industrial processes on the one hand and the application of environmental standards on the allowable concentration of pollutants in the effluent on the other hand has doubled the importance of controlling water consumption in industry.

The amount of water consumption can vary depending on the production process and the level of technologies used in each industrial unit. The main uses of water in industry can be summarized as follows:

Energy production through steam generation
The heat transfer
Transportation of raw materials with waste products
Mechanical activities
producing product

بهینه سازی و صرفه جویی در مصرف آب

Also use water reducing equipment such as automatic valves, touch valves. Timed pressure valves and a variety of reducing devices such as perlators, which optimize water consumption by combining climate, are also essential for saving water consumption. The function of this equipment is to provide the necessary amount of water to the consumer and to prevent it from being wasted .by reducing the flow rate – the amount of water that passes through a certain point per unit time

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